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F1 fans watching the first four races

  • Europeans: this is so early, what time is it
  • Americans: wait, what day is it
Yes Fernando hit Felipe, no it wasn’t on purpose. Why the hell would he risk to ruin his own race? idk people but some of you really need to stop over thinking stuff & make a fuss about it while it was a race incident, end of it.

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Constructors Standings After China


  1. Mercedes 154
  2. Red Bull-Renault 57
  3. Force India-Mercedes 54
  4. Ferrari 52
  5. McLaren-Mercedes 43
  6. Williams-Mercedes 36
  7. Toro Rosso-Renault 8
  8. Lotus-Renault 0
  9. Sauber-Ferrari 0
  10. Marussia-Ferrari 0
  11. Caterham-Renault 0

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insertbrilliantname replied to your video post: “I always giggle when I hear the German national anthem thanks to this…”:
What it he saying? I can barely make it out.

"It is unbelievable what is going on on iRacing with IndyCar" then "Watch on your tail you have more incidents than iRating" classic Andreas really. That’s also him going straight into the pit wall in the yellow.

wow Brundle why don’t you just give him a handjob right on the stage, stop flirting and get to it

I always giggle when I hear the German national anthem thanks to this iRacing video


Getting out of bed to turn the tv off?


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Oh God I hope someone records WEC to put on YouTube or something. I don’t think I can stay up for 8 more hours.


You could’ve reblogged that from me


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What is it with commentators and possibly accidental innuendos?

"I think [Lewis] feels on top of Rosberg"

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Lewis Hamilton wins the Chinese Grand Prix

2nd. Nico Rosberg
3rd. Fernando Alonso

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Oh god oh god oh god oh god 

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